I used SCONFIG to change automatic updates to 'Download Only' but I was told it doesn't prevent reboots outside active hours, is that correct?

If so, Do I have to disable the 'reboot' task in Task Scheduler to avoid reboots?


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The default in Windows Server 2016 is 'Download Only', which you note you have also verified using sconfig.

This setting does not apply updates at all on its own - so no reboots will occur. By default, the server will only reboot if the 'Automatic' setting is selected.The maintenance window only applies to updates applied using the 'Automatic' setting.

Source: Technet

Additionally, you can configure more granular Windows Updates settings using Group Policy, under Computer Configuration -> Policies -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Windows Updates.

If applicable to your environment, I would recommend familiarising yourself with the available policies under that heading - in particular the Configure Automatic Updates policy, which has granular settings including specifying the automatic maintenance window for automatic updates if selected.

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