I have to configure isc-dhcp-server for 1 million clients which listens on 4094 vlan tagged interfaces, where each vlan interface is mapped to a subnet declaration. Therefore in total 4094 subnet declarations in conf file with 253 clients in each subnet pool.

What I am observing is that dhcpd daemon is taking huge amount of memory and is getting restarted with out of memory error. I increased the total amount of ram from 8gb to 16 gb(out of which 6 gb are hugepage allocation) still it gradually takes the entire ram and restarts with same error.

Any idea on how much ram I require for 1 million clients or any other way to overcome this issue??



Look at DHCP on LDAP instead of flat files. But, I would like to explode the service into multiple servers instead of one which crash under load.

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