I have 4-node S2D cluster with 12 disks each on Windows Server 2016 Insider Preview 16257. I applied this settings by Cosmos Darwin to prevent adding new disks to the pool automatically

Is there any way to prevent Storage Spaces Direct from automatically adding disks?

but when I connect new disk, with this cmdlet I can see (after few minutes), that the new disks are in the pool

(Get-PhysicalDisk | ? mediatype -eq hdd).cannotpoolreason

Is there another settings to modify? Is it possible to use local disk in every node within Storage Spaces Direct? Thank you


Nope. As a workaround you may want to patch the registry and ask your disks to report S2D-incompatible drive type, they will be ignored by S2D by default in such a case.


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I second the BaronSamedi1958's answer. There is nothing else could be done. And yet Storage Spaces Direct is too buggy to run production. I believe you use Preview version for nothing but evaluation.

A similar thread on TechNet https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/c743e652-012b-4145-893e-105474a9189e/s2d-auto-pooling?forum=winserverfiles

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