I wrote custom python plugin for collectd:

import collectd
import random

def read_callback():
    value = random.randint(0, 1500)
    val = collectd.Values()
    val.plugin = 'test'
    val.plugin_instance = 'random'
    val.type = 'counter'
    val.type_instance = 'random'
    val.values = [value]


So I expected to see values from 0 to 1500 in graphite, but got the following list of floats with value much more than 1500:

enter image description here

I don`t have any problems with basic plugins and their metrics, but here very strange behavior. Does any one know why and how I can fix it?


The problem was in collectd-graphite flag StoreRates it was set to True, that is why collectd send diff value from the previous and if the new value was less the previous I got weird behaviour.

How to fix same problem: set StoreRates to false.

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