I have created a WebDAV share over https (self-signed) on an Ubuntu server using Apache2.

When I try to add it as a network location (on Windows 10) it fails saying the folder is not valid.

I tried to map it to a drive using net use p: https://example.com/webdav but it fails saying System error 1790 has occurred. The network logon failed.

My Apache config is:

Alias /webdav /var/www/webdav <Directory /var/www/webdav> DAV On AuthType Digest AuthName "webdav" AuthUserFile /etc/apache2/users.password Require valid-user RewriteEngine off Satisfy all Order allow,deny Allow from all ForceType application/octet-stream Options Indexes </Directory>

Cyberduck can connect to the drive using https.

When I switch back to http, it all works. Is there a problem with Windows accepting self-signed certificates?

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