I have several VirtualHost, and several web in the same VirtualHost:

  • web1.example.org
  • web2.example.org
  • www.example.org/web3
  • www.example.org/web4

I tried use mod_proxy, mod_proxy_fcgi + PHP-FPM:

Alias /myfoo /web/other/myfoo
ProxyPassMatch ^/myfoo/(..php(/.)?)$ fcgi://$1
Alias /2myfoo /web/other/2myfoo
ProxyPassMatch ^/2myfoo/(..php(/.)?)$ fcgi://$1

but this not read .htaccess files of my users.

If I use suEXEC, I don't set in:

  • www.example.org/web3
  • www.example.org/web4
  • ...

because all they are in the same virtualhost.

The only solution is use container or diferents instances of httpd? or i can fix it (mod_proxy + php-fpm).

Thanks you.


I am not sure what good alias doing for you there. And you don't need to specify $1 here,

ProxyPassMatch ^/myfoo/(.*\.php(/.*))?$ fcgi:// ProxyPassMatch ^/2myfoo/(.*\.php(/.*))?$ fcgi://

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