We installed a complete new server 2016 environment with 5 terminal servers in a farm. We also use User Profile Disks for the profiles.

The fault:
When the domain administrator is logged on to any terminal server and the terminal server gets started, we get after the logon of the domain administrator this message:

We can't sign into your account

... and the administrator gets a temporarily profile.

enter image description here

After logoff / logon the message isn't shown and the regular profile is loaded.

  • We use the console logon for the rdp connection
  • There is only one administrator logged on at one time
  • The eventlog doesn't show any conspicuity.

From a comment: A similar error is described here: technet group. The cause in this case are DVDROM drives, which are connected to the location 1 on on the scsi-controller.

In my case the DVDROM drives are connected to SATA. For testing I removed the drives but the error still behaves.

BUT: This may be an hint, that also in my case the user profile disks couldn't be properly connected.

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