I want to set up to Azure VM web servers as a farm with shared configuration and content being stored in an Azuure File share.

I have been following this tutorial : http://officeline.gr/2017/05/17/azure-web-farm-using-iis-azure-file-storage/

The Web Server VM's are Standard DS2 (2 vcpus, 7 GB memory) running Windows Server 2016 datacenter. IIS version 10.0.14393.0

I was able to successfully export the configuration from one IIS to file storage. I can see the 3 files it creates in file storage through the azure portal. The issues I have is when I try and set up iis to use the shared configuration in file storage. I keep getting a Invalid password when I enter the Encryption Keys Password. enter image description here

I swear I entered the same encryption password that I used to export the configuration. Am I supposed to just make up an encryption password or should it be set to something?


I test in my lab, I meet the same error with you. I think maybe the blog miss mount file share on VM. When I do this, I get the same result with the blog.

enter image description here

Note:Encryption Keys Password is not your file share password. This password is set when you use IIS Manager to export configuration files.

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