I'm trying to compile a library and his dependencies (lots of dependencies), but the system that I'm using didn't have the usual directory structure. I'm searching for a method to "redirect" all the scripts callings to, for example, /bin/sh to /foo/bar/sh.

Is something like this possible?


I forgot to tell that / is read-only, so i can't make a /bin directory containing symbolic links pointing to the actual bin directory


You can use symbolic links.

ln -s /foo/bar/sh /bin/sh

First, you'll have to remove the original /bin/sh. But make sure you don't use the /bin/sh at the moment you launch the rm (or mv), otherwise you may get yourself locked. The best change your shell to /foo/bar/sh first and try to login while you still have original shell running so you can fix possible issues.

  • I forgot to tell that i already tried this, but / is read-only, so i can't... – Michele Oct 10 '17 at 8:25

Just use the $PATH variable.

export PATH=/foo/bar:$PATH <command>

In this way you will load binaries before from /foo/bar than /bin.

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