From within "Task scheduler (local)", within the task scheduler application of Windows 2008 server, I have created a new task.

However the user created task doesn't show up in the list of "Active tasks". That list starts with entry "Database One Copy Alert".


  • I know the tasks is there because creating another with exactly the same name results in an error message that there already exists a task with that name.
  • It doesn't matter wether I create a "Basic task" or just a "Task".
  • Ccleaner does show the user created task.
  • Enable showing hidden tasks in Windows task scheduler doesn't improve.

How can I show the user created scheduled tasks?

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In the left pane of the "Task scheduler" navigate to and select "Task Scheduler Library".

Not the plus sign, the words themselves, and you will see your custom scheduled tasks:

Windows 2008 Task Scheduler with Task Scheduler Library selected

Windows 7 also suffers from such a bizarre user interface design: https://superuser.com/questions/228235/windows-7-task-scheduler-doesnt-list-my-custom-tasks#answer-395085

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