I have an old Sun Fire v440 server which was in working condition before a shutdown a few months ago.

Today I tried to power it on but nothing happens when I press the power button.

On both PSUs green led "Standby Available" is on, but "Power OK" is off.

Should "Power OK" led be on ? How can I check if it's a faulty PSU or something else is wrong?


Sun Fire V440 Server Parts Installation and Removal Guide


This blue LED lights when it is safe to remove and replace the power supply. This LED is lit by ALOM command and only lights when the other power supply is functioning correctly.

Service Required

This amber LED lights to indicate a power supply fault. If a power supply Service Required LED is lit, the system Service Required LED is also lit.

Power OK

This green LED is lit when the power supply is on and outputting regulated DC power within specified limits.

Standby Available

This green LED is lit when AC input power is present. This LED is lit when the corresponding AC cable is plugged into a power source and the power supply is functioning correctly, regardless of system power status.

Seems like there is another problem...

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