Appologies in advanced, IT is REALLY not my strong suit so bear with me


1) I have a godaddy domain with linux hosting that I use for a landing page, let's say www.mywebsite.com

2) I have an azure web app that I configed using a CNAME record and is accessible at app.mywebsite.com.

3) I have a wildcard SSL certificate on Azure that is configured with SSL bindings for app.mywebsite.com.

this works well and I am able to browse to app.mywebsite.com via HTTPS.


Can I use the same certificate to secure my landing page at www.mywebsite.com?


If you have a certificate for *.mywebsite.com, then you can use it on both app.mywebsite.com and www.mywebsite.com.

  • thanks .. I see that but I'm unclear about how I go about using the AZURE created SSL to secure the landing page hosted outside of AZURE on godaddy linux hosting – Omri Btian Oct 24 '17 at 14:08

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