I had a CNAME configured with a GoDaddy account, we'll name it as cname.myCompany.com. cname the CNAME I named it as myCompany.com as my parent domain. myCompany.com has it's own SSL certificate.

cname (cname.myCompany.com) value points to www.compendiumblog.com (w/c it's own SSL certificate)

Now, when I do https://cname.myCompany.com - it loads the page but with broken SSL certificate.

I tried solving this with IIS (Server 2012R2) reverse proxy but it doesn't seem to work. I installed AAR and enabled Reverse Proxy.

From IIS, I created a new server farm named as blog.myCompany.com. Unchecked "Enable SSL offloading" in Routing Rules and from URL rewrite Inbound rule I set the action as ReWrite. Rewrite value as https://cname.myCompany.com/{R:0} and set a Server Variable as HTTP_X_COMPENDIUM_ID = e7dff869-c319-43c9-9bf1-eca9b46gb5de. Save the setting but it does not work.

How do I go with reverse proxying with IIS?

  • No worries.. I managed to work a solution.
    – Itchy Foot
    Oct 23 '17 at 14:00
  • may we have the chance to know your solution?
    – Max
    Dec 28 '17 at 13:19

Right click on your site name and select bindings.

You have to create an HTTPS binding per rewritten site

On ALL your HTTPS bindings , please check the "Require Server Name Indicaton" check box.

This will force IIS to check for a dns name input and will allow different certificates on other HTTPS bindings. without this settings , only one certificate is allowed per site.

Hope this will help someone

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