I've got historical backups for the last 2 years of my DB instance on Rackspace. I need to download a particular backup and pull some of the data on a specific day.

I don't see any documentation on this, or any actual way to do this. How would I go about this ?

Databases are stored in MYSQL format using Rackspace Cloud.


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You'll probably have to SSH in and do a mysql dump of your database or find the location of your sql backups already on the server. Here are some directions on how manually create a mysql dump.

After either locating your backup(s) on the server or creating a backup manually with mysql dump, you'll have to scp your databaseName.sql file down to your local machine. The syntax is as follows for copying a file down to your machine:

scp YourUser@(CloudServer IP address):/path/to/file /path/to/location/

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