[i asked on Stackoverflow but maybe this forum is more proficient in this matter:]

I had VisualSVN Server running perfectly on a Windows Vista machine, and then now it is to run Windows 7 on that same machine (installed on a new partition).

So now all the source code are in the repository on D: drive (it used to be on C:)

(Windows 7 will be C:, and the Vista will now become D:)

Can we just copy the D:\Repositories over as C:\Repositories, and then install VisualSVN Server on Windows 7 again and let it use C:\Repositories, and then all source code, all history (the diff and comment) will be available again?

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Just to make your day, I tested this on a clone of our development machines, and it worked. All the information about the repository is stored within the file, including all the tags etc.


You may also be interested in svnadmin hotcopy tool. Check the SVNBook reference: Repository Backup

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