Cenario: Two separated physical connections: 01 Corp (Internet, shared network resources, etc) 192.168.10.x 02 Guest 192.168.1.x (Internet only)

AP: ZyXEL NWA3560-N Lab switch: HP 1810-24G

What I’m trying to accomplish is connecting two different networks in the same switch and setting the Access Point to broadcast two different SSID.

I guess I need to create two different vlans.

Let’s say: Vlan10 for Corp and vlan20 for Guest

Corp uplink on switch port 1 Guest uplink on switch port 2 AP on switch port 3

What about tagged and untagged configurations? Port 1 tagged for vlan10 Port 2 tagged for vlan20 Port 3 tagged for vlan10 and vlan20? How far am I to set things up?

Thank you for your time.


You need to:

  • create two SSIDs on WAP and associate them with the two transport VLANs
  • set WAP uplink (to switch) to transport both VLANs, one untagged, all others tagged (trunk port)
  • create the two VLANs on the switch
  • set switch downlink port (to WAP) to transport both VLANs, identical to port config in WAP
  • connect VLANs to your router with a VLAN trunk port identical to your WAP link (alternatively, use a dedicated port for each VLAN untagged)

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