In my vhost I have:

root   /var/www/$server_name/public_html;
index  index.php;

access_log /var/log/nginx/$server_name.access.log;
error_log  /var/log/nginx/$server_name.error.log debug;

For the root and the access log the $server_name work. It does not work for the error log.

enter image description here

I see it's set by root instead of pi (I use pi instead of data-www) How do I fix this?



As far as I know variables are still not allowed in error_log even though you can use them in access_log (as your screenshot reveals properly working in your scenario).

Besides that, you should almost always use $host as it is the only guaranteed variable to say something sensible regardless of the user-agent's behavior.

You can check the difference between $host and $server_name on nginx documentation:

  • $host: in this order of precedence: host name from the request line, or host name from the “Host” request header field, or the server name matching a request.

  • $server_name: name of the server which accepted a request. It contains the server_name of the virtual host which processed the request, as it was defined in the nginx configuration. If a server contains multiple server_names, only the first one will be present in this variable.

As you have to account for all the possible things that a user-agent may do then forming an HTTP request (ancient HTTP/1.0 requests and modern badly-written software can happen all the time), you should consider using only the $host variable for your intended purpose.

Worth mentioning that access_log is handled by ngx_http_log_module, while error_log is handled a little bit differently as a ngx_core_module.

  • Thanks for the difference of $host. For my setup I'd like $server_name As each vhost is ` domain +www. and this way I'll never have separate logs for www.
    – janw
    Oct 31 '17 at 9:35

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