For some reason, whenever we create a changeset, it shows that all nested resources will change but with a target of null and a null causing entity:


    "resourceChange": {
      "logicalResourceId": "LoadBalancerStack",
      "action": "Modify",
      "physicalResourceId": "our-resource",
      "resourceType": "AWS::CloudFormation::Stack",
      "replacement": "False",
      "details": [
          "target": {
            "name": null,
            "requiresRecreation": "Never",
            "attribute": "Properties"
          "causingEntity": null,
          "evaluation": "Dynamic",
          "changeSource": "Automatic"
      "scope": [
    "type": "Resource"

What's the reason for this? Because for example this nested stack has these changes, it then propogates up to the other stacks.

The only reason I can think of is that maybe because some of their params are hidden, but I can't really think of logical reason why.

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