I try to create some VMs with terraform, with different guest OS. But all are created as "Other Linux (64-bit)". AS soon as the vm's are created they pxe boot -> this works fine.

this is my instance.tf

custom_configuration_parameters {
  "guestOS" = "centos64Guest"

This is print out after apply:

 vsphere_virtual_machine.test2: Creating...
  custom_configuration_parameters.%:       "" => "1"
  custom_configuration_parameters.guestOS: "" => "centos64Guest"

This is actual VM:

Guest OS
Other Linux (64-bit)
(VM version 11)

Really grateful for some guidance.


Are you sure you're using the correct parameter for the Guest OS type. According to terraform's documentation, the parameter is guest_id, and if it's not set, it defaults to other-64, which seems to match your experience.

Source: https://www.terraform.io/docs/providers/vsphere/r/virtual_machine.html#guest_id

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