As part of managing environments, I want to install Visual Studio 2017 via the command line. However, I'm running into issues installing 2017 that wasn't encountered setting up 2015. Following the documentation I've got a simple Powershell script:

Start-Process C:\\windows\\temp\\vs2017\\vs_professional_2017 --ArgumentList "/Quiet /NoRestart /Log C:\\Windows\\Temp\\InstallVs2017\\install.log" -Wait

Which worked just fine for VS2015. And it does start the installation, but after a couple of seconds displays the dialog box for accepting the privacy statement and license terms. I can't seem to find a --accepteula flag or something similar to get past it (on a side note, I would have thought that given quiet is supposed to suppress the UI that it would suppress this as well). There is a comment on this issues in the documentation, but they couldn't figure out a way past it. How do you automatically accept it? I feel like I'm missing something obvious, but I have yet to figure it out.

  • have you tried below options in the answers ?
    – Aravinda
    Nov 7 '17 at 4:54
  • @Aravinda I did try them but with no luck. Turns out quiet does work, but I wasn't setting the options right. See my answer below.
    – JosephRT
    Nov 7 '17 at 13:19

Try these switches, individually and combination, or else open the MSI with Orca and change the EULA variable.


Powerbi msi accepts "ACCEPT_EULA=1" . You can give it a try if everything fails for Visual Studio 2017.


I did actually manage to get this to work. The first problem is that options can no longer be denoted with /, they have to be denoted with --. Apparently / is disallowed now, I had missed that somewhere.

I also dropped the /Log option. It doesn't exist as a option for VS2017, although if you still need to get the installation logs they do have a way to get them.

After making those changes, VS2017 installed successfully without me having to manually accept the terms; it wasn't picking up the options because I wasn't using --. I also added .exe for completionist's sake to the executable.

Start-Process C:\\windows\\temp\\vs2017\\vs_professional_2017.exe --ArgumentList "--quiet --norestart" -Wait

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