we are trying to install Oracle Instant Client for Solaris x86-64 in order to connect to an Oracle database on another server.

I downloaded and unzipped the required files into an /apps/oracle/instantclient_10_2 directory:

  • instantclient-basic-hpux-ia64-32-
  • instantclient-sdk-hpux-ia64-32-
  • instantclient-sqlplus-hpux-ia64-32-

Created a symbolic link for some missing libraries:

  • cd /apps/oracle/instantclient_10_2
  • ln -s libclntsh.so.10.1 libclntsh.so

Then set the Library search path

  • $ LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/app/oracle/instantclient_10_2
  • $ export LD_LIBRARY_PATH

And now I am stuck, I know a tnsnames.ora file is needed but do not know where to place it (or if I should also have a sqlnet.ora file).

When I try executing sqlplus I get the following:

sqlplus bash: /apps/oracle/instantclient_10_2/sqlplus: Invalid argument

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thx


Are you trying to install on Solaris or HP-UX? Your message says "Solaris x86-64" but your files list mentions -hpux-ia64- - different OS, different architecture. There's no way it'll work. If you're installing on Solaris, you need to download the appropriate (different) binaries from oracle.com.

  • You're absolutely right. I didn't download the files so I just assumed they were the right ones... however, by talking to my co-worker he told me he accidentally downloaded these because he was looking for version but that wasn't available at oracle.com/technology/software/tech/oci/instantclient/htdocs/… and ended finding the correct version (but not for the correct OS). We'll try it right now, wondering if they're is a difference between and ? Nov 25 '09 at 17:04
  • There's not much difference between minor revisions in a release, mostly bug fixes. It's not important that client versions match the RDBMS, either. We still have version 8 client software hitting our 10g databases.
    – DCookie
    Nov 25 '09 at 18:29
  • +1 for pointing out the obvious ;-)
    – DCookie
    Nov 25 '09 at 19:11

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