To create a bridge over a geneve tunnel my interface configuration in /etc/network/interfaces needs following "extra" directives:

        bridge_ports fancytun
        bridge_stp on

        pre-up ip link add dev fancytun type geneve remote vni 1234
        pre-up ip link set dev fancytun up
        post-down ip link set dev fancytun down
        post-down ip link del dev fancytun

Where should I put those directives to not cause any problems during networking startup/shutdown?
I'm thinking - for example - of invalid states because bridge and up/down scripts were configured for IPv4, but IPv6 gets started first; or vice versa.
Is the position of the directives relevant at all?

For completeness here is the bridge-interface configuration which may be applied to the tunnel+bridge:

auto fancybr0
iface fancybr0 inet static
        ## may the bridge_ + up/down directives appear here?

iface fancybr0 inet6 static
        address  1::2:3
        netmask  112
        ## may the bridge_ + up/down directives appear here?

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