I wrote a CloudFormation template which in addition to other stuff, also creates a RDS MySQL instance and restores data from a previously backed up DB instance snapshot.

I want to enable the user which is going to work with this template the option of selecting the rds instance snapshot ID from a drop-down menu.

I've seen that it's possible to select from a drop-down menu the VPC ID when using Amazon's CloudFormation template which creates a Bastion host so I believe it is possible to do the same with the snapshot ID.

Example: enter image description here

I was looking through Amazon's documentation, searching for the correct way to do that... I was thinking of doing something like:

"RDSSnapshotID" : {
  "Description" : "Choose the relevant snapshot",
  "Type" : { "Fn::RefAll" : "AWS::RDS::DBSnapshotIdentifier::Id" }

But I get an error when trying to load the template to CloudFormation:

Template validation error: Template format error: Every Type member must be a string.


I now suspect that such a property ("AWS::RDS::DBSnapshotIdentifier::Id") doesn't exist.

Anyone knows if it can be done and how?


Ok, so I found this AWS documentation article which lists the available "AWS-Specific Parameter Types" and there isn't any parameter for RDS there so I guess this cannot be done.

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