I use qcow2 file format and create snapshots using a Virt-manager GUI. I assume I have 100GB disk space and 70% is used by VM at this moment. The qcow2-file size is about 70GB. I create a snapshot. It is stored inside the qcow2-file, we know. After some days the qcow2-file size is rised up to 120GB. OK, we understand, why. I delete this snapshot, but the qcow2-file size does not change!

"qemu-img info" does not show me any snapshots for this qcow2-file! How to see, what's inside this file and how to clean it up?

I've used "qemu-img convert" but I have a feeling inside that it's not the rigth way to decrease the file size.


In order to shrink the image, I'd suggest to use virt-sparsify

export TMPDIR=/var/tmp/
virt-sparsify --check-tmpdir=continue <name>.qcow2 <name>_sparsed.qcow2

Make sure you have enough space in the TMPDIR, otherwise the conversion would crash.

Don't use virt-sparsify on running VM images. You may end up with corrupted image! (see man)

Then you can also use compress option (-c) of the qemu-img convert. However that would probably have some impact on the performance, but probably only during startup and initial load of services.

  • Should I run virt-sparsify only when the VM's state is off? – Igor Schaefer Nov 10 '17 at 9:40
  • @IgorSchaefer Yes, it's required. Otherwise the disk image could be corrupted! – Jaroslav Kucera Nov 10 '17 at 9:46

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