I would like to ask question about fromhost message properties.


I am using rsyslog 7.4.7 on RHEL 7.3 . However, the fromhost message properties seems to set the hostname in lowercase letters even though uppercase letters are used for hostname in /etc/hosts/


[root@RHEL73-1 log]# cat /etc/hosts   localhost localhost.localdomain localhost4 localhost4.localdomain4
::1         localhost localhost.localdomain localhost6 localhost6.localdomain6 RHEL73-1 RHEL73-test

However, when log from remote log is received fromhost is set as lowercase letters.

Debug line with all properties:
FROMHOST: 'rhel73-test', fromhost-ip: '', HOSTNAME: 'RHEL73-2', PRI: 30,
syslogtag 'systemd:', programname: 'systemd', APP-NAME: 'systemd', PROCID: '-', MSGID: '-',
TIMESTAMP: 'Nov 13 20:01:01', STRUCTURED-DATA: '-',
msg: ' Removed slice user-0.slice.'
escaped msg: ' Removed slice user-0.slice.'
inputname: imudp rawmsg: '<30>Nov 13 20:01:01 RHEL73-2 systemd: Removed slice user-0.slice.'

Is the resolved hostname set as lowercase or uppercase ? Document seems to not mention about this behavior...

  • how does the IP address of the server resolve on the receiving end? – Gerald Schneider Nov 13 '17 at 11:23
  • I only use /etc/hosts . I do not have dns. /etc/hosts I pasted is the one on receiving end. – Yu Watanabe Nov 13 '17 at 11:29

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