I have Debian 8. Sometime when I run command the VPS got offline. From logs I see:

Nov 14 07:22:34 localhost cron[386]: (CRON) INFO (Running @reboot jobs)

This is not an error. It only indicates that your server has probably been restarted and your Cron daemon is running the jobs scheduled with a non-standard macro @reboot.

The @reboot is defined in FreeBSD's man crontab(5) as Run once, at startup of cron. This naming works well in practice, because typically there's no need to restart Cron i.e. the startup of Cron indicates machine boot quite well. However, if the Cron actually was restarted, you'd need to look at the other syslog lines before and after this to be sure. Or run last -x shutdown reboot.

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