I'm trying to put together a tool to track Chef instances that have not converged properly. I can find those nodes easily, but I want to exclude nodes that are still pretty new, and so might still be in the process of bootstrapping. I was originally using ohai_time for this, but that wasn't accurate because I'm running Chef as a service, so some nodes would keep failing but keep updating ohai_time. Then I found uptime_seconds, which seems perfect, but it seems to be handled as a string in range searches, i.e. alphabetically. For example:

knife search "uptime_seconds:[0 TO 9]"

returns all my instances, whereas:

knife search "uptime_seconds:[0 TO 10000]"

returns none. Is there any way to handle this correctly using Chef search?


No, this is not possible. We store all node attributes in a string field as far as Lucene knows so that TO is a string range search, not a numeric range.

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