I have an Active Directory Server for a domain (let's say, domain.com) that is also a public domain with public DNS records (let's say, using GoDaddy's DNS).

How would I set it up so that if a specific record is not present in the local DNS (e.g. mail.domain.com) it would then look it up in the public DNS? I have already setup DNS Forwarders, but that doesn't seem to affect this scenario.


AFAIK, it isn't possible. If the AD DNS server is authoritative for the zone then it's... authoritative for the zone. It isn't going to forward queries that resolve to NXDOMAIN to another DNS server.

  • What if I setup a new subdomain zone and put the nameserver as the public nameserver (GoDaddy's)? – William Nov 21 '17 at 13:43

If you have only a few external servers in the domain, you can set up a stub subdomain for each one in your local DNS (see: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc754190(v=ws.11).aspx)

These stub domains contain only NS records for GoDaddy (or whomever), not A or CNAME.


    NS dc1.domain.com, <local IP>...
    A  localServer, <local IP>...
    SOA ...
    NS cns1.godaddy.com

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