I'm going through some tutorials right now and I don't understand this one thing. Why do I have to open port 80 when I use HTTPS? Isn't port 443 enough?

Or is port 80 open to handle the redirect from http to https?


Best practice is to listen on http and redirect to https. But this is not mandatory.

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    And this will eventually change, as the browsers start to default to check the https before http when just a hostname is entered - ie, user types "google.com" in location bar, currently all check http //google.com first, eventually https //google.com will be checked first. Until this, this answer is correct - best practice is to listen and redirect. – ivanivan Nov 25 '17 at 18:34

It isn't mandatory. You can listen only for secure HTTPS connection on port 443.

Try to comment out the port 80 and it should work.

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