I just signed up for a new Azure account, hoping to get setup to use the text translation API. I tried to set this up by finding the text translation resource, and add it. However, when I hit the "create" button, it fails.

When I go to the error logs, I see an error "The subscription 'c8b161f4-26be-4d3b-b924-0fe9b4072339' is not registered.", with an error code SubscriptionNotRegistered. I cannot seem to find any information about this error on Google.

Has anyone encountered this error before, or know how to debug it further?


Under More Services > Subscriptions > Free Trial > Resource providers, I see Microsoft.CognitiveServices permanently listed as "Registering". If I click the option to "Unregister", it seems to become permanently stuck in the "Unregistering" state, and registering again gets stuck again.. If I click "Re-Register", nothing happens. If I look in the activity log, it acts like the unregister/register events are going through successfully.



Deployment error:

deployment error

Operation details:

operation details

Resource providers:

resource providers

Activity log after unregistering/registering:

activity log


In the "Resource Provider" section of your Subcription. Make sure you have "Microsoft.CognitiveServices" provider registered.

  • Thanks so much, that feels like it's pointing in the right direction. I updated the description with what I found in the "Resource Provider" section. It looks like it's stuck in the "registering" state. Any more ideas on how to resolve that? Nov 26 '17 at 20:02
  • Not sure why, but after unregistering and reregistering, then waiting about an hour, it now seems to be working. Thanks for your help in figuring out the issue. Nov 26 '17 at 21:48
  • You are welcome, funny enough had a similar issue like 20 minutes before you posted your question :) Nov 27 '17 at 12:04

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