first I'm new to Grafana so excuse me if i don't use the right words to describe my issue

I installed Grafana + Graphite solution in my ambari cluster ( I am using ambari cluster with graphite service ) graphite service is working fine on the Ambari cluster

and when I connect the grafana as http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:3000 and then try to perform test connection on test connection button

I get

unknown error :
cannot read property 'message' of null 

please advice why this happend and what to fix here?

on my linux machine ( versions )

rpm -qa | grep grafana

rpm -qa | grep graphite

There is a known bug in earlier versions of Grafana, that was fixed in 3.0, can you try to update the package. If your package version corresponds with Grafana versioning it is pretty old.

Bug info

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