I have a network as diagram below:

enter image description here

On SITE A, pfSense firewall server public port for a virtual server (example: port X), virtual server have 2 pool:

  1. Pool 1: point to A_Srv_01
  2. Pool 2 (Fall-back Pool): point to A_Srv_02

Virtual server listen on WAN IP (call A_Public_IP_Port_X)

A NAT rule created to NAT port X to servers A_Srv_01 and A_Srv_02 (using Alias)

My problem:

  • Internet_Client access A_Public_IP_Port_X is OK
  • B_CLIENT access A_Public_IP_Port_X is OK
  • A_CLIENT access A_Public_IP_Port_X is NOT OK
  • If server A_Srv_01 run as standalone server (not using Virtual Server) everything OK, so I think NAT reflection is not a problem.

May be I have some problem with routing from: A_CLIENT <--> A_Public_IP_Port_X <--> Pool (A_Srv_01 / A_Srv_02)?


Found, may be this will help someone.

In Firewall / NAT / Outbound:

  • Change Outbound NAT mode to Hybrid Outbound NAT rule generation. (Automatic Outbound NAT + rules below)
  • Add Mappings rule:

    Interface / Source / Source Port / Destination / Destination Port / NAT Address / NAT Port
    LAN / any / * / A_Srv_01_LAN_IP/32 / port_X / LAN address / *
    LAN / any / * / A_Srv_02_LAN_IP/32 / port_X / LAN address / *
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