I've got this manageable switch : https://www.amazon.com/TP-Link-Ethernet-Sheilded-Replacement-TL-SG108E/dp/B00K4DS5KU/ in my network for about 3 months now.

Yesterday I noticed that a computer directly connected to it did not have gigabit link (100mbps instead). Since I had just reinstalled it I though it was related but after swapping the cables between different ports and devices, I came to the conclusion that the issue was the switch itself.

I've also checked that all the ports are on 'auto' setting.

What do you think of it? Should I buy a new one and return this one?


As a gigabit connection needs all 4 pairs, check first that all the 8 pins are able to have contact: any of them shouldn't be contorted and there should be no dirt. During the testing you could force the port to operate as gigabit instead of auto.

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  • I already tried to force gigabit speed but then the port status show "disconnected" or something. I'm going to try what you say. – madjack Dec 3 '17 at 11:19
  • It works now. Apparently the cable was not properly connected, I had to force a little. – madjack Dec 3 '17 at 11:23
  • A physical problem, just like I assumed. :) – Esa Jokinen Dec 3 '17 at 11:28

What do you think of it? Should I buy a new one and return this one?

I think it is a cheap consumer switch that has no place in a professional environment. It's up to you what you do with it.

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  • Well I'm not a professional, I think I shouldn't have posted here. Anyway you think it's not fixable? – madjack Dec 3 '17 at 11:06
  • 1
    Yes, Super User is a better place. – user9517 Dec 3 '17 at 11:41

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