My lab is running:

  • ESXi, 6.5.0, 4887370
  • OFED
  • ConnectX-2 MHQH29C with 2.9.1000
  • IS5035 switch with subnet manager

I followed the instructions here: 10Gb SFP+ single port = cheaper than dirt

I am able to get IPoIB working and all of the hosts can ping each other.

However, multicast is not working. How can I get multicast to work? It is preventing vSAN from working.

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Strictly speaking this doesn't answer your question... but if you're already running 6.5 build 4887370 (6.5a?) why don't you update to 6.5d (VSAN 6.6) or higher and say "Goodbye Multicast"?

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