We have a SuperMassive 9200 and a 100Mbit circuit, we have PRTG monitoring the connection and will error when it hits 90%, we have times where that happens and its 100% or higher. We have not found a good way of viewing the bandwidth breakdown in realtime to determine what is utilizing the connection. We also have GMS implemented with this device in it.

I have already looked through the various dashboards but these are not that useful.


You can use the real time monitor and filter to match your desired interface to view how much bandwidth is using that interface, and which applications are using that bandwidth.

Real-Time Monitor

Also, you can use GMS in distributed mode and setup a Flow Server to view this from the GMS itself.

  • Thanks for the suggestion however I am trying to get a breakdown from everything on my side to identify what is using the traffic vs per interface. – Thorin Feb 23 '18 at 17:32

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