I created a Virtual Network (VPN) on Azure and provided an ample address space, then I made a couple subnet within the network, one for the gatewaySubnet (10.11.1.x), and another for the VMs inside (10.11.0.x), I can go though and ping to the other side, but the other side cannot ping me.

I tried this windows batch program:

curl http://10.11.x.x/
goto loop

however, the inbound traffic doesn't flow through.

I don't understand if I should use the route command on their side so that they have fixed routes, I also don't know how to monitor the traffic within the azure vm, I'm using a basic RouteBased VPN with no BGP.

Frankly, after a couple days of pulling my hair, I'm ready to give up the whole VPN idea.

  • Unless this is just the case with your examples, you are referencing subnets that are not inside your larger range. ( includes through – Cory Knutson Dec 13 '17 at 20:42

try to see this link:


Maybe this is better than to pull your hair. ;)

  • Welcome to ServerFault! Please do not post link only answers, as they are prone to link rot. Relevant info should be included in the post. – Cory Knutson Dec 13 '17 at 20:38

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