After installing IredMail on my Debian 9 server, I followed this tutorial to configure DKIM Add new domain to iRedmail - with DKIM signature.

After following all the steps and running the amavisd-new testkeys command I get the following response:


TESTING#1 mydomin.com: dkim._domainkey.mydomin.com => fail (OpenSSL error: data too large for modulus)

But if I run the command again, I get this other message:

TESTING#1 mydomin.com: dkim._domainkey.mydomin.com => fail (bad RSA signature)


Now everything seems to be working. For those who have the same problem: All settings on the server are working. As I'm using CloudFlare I had to add a new TXT record on the dns tab so things work out. That's the tip.

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