I am following this tutorial matchbox-with-terraform which has an end goal of running the simple-install example which stands up a coreos machine and copies an ssh key over after.

I watch it load the coreos container, please see the screen recording I took (The description has the important time marks, most of the time is a static screen). It seems that it either finishes loading the image to RAM and reboots or something failed and it reboots but I cannot tell which. I think the problem lies in my dhcp/tftp iPXE server setup.

I did not modify any of the simple-install terraform example configs. You can find them in the matchbox-with-terraform tutorial.

BTW I am running a proxy DHCP and TFTP server in a docker container described in the coreos tutorial here for iPXE booting.

my docker container is:

sudo docker run --rm --cap-add=NET_ADMIN --net=host quay.io/coreos/dnsmasq \
-d -q \
--dhcp-range=,proxy, \
--enable-tftp --tftp-root=/var/lib/tftpboot \  
--dhcp-userclass=set:ipxe,iPXE \  
--pxe-service=tag:#ipxe,x86PC,"PXE chainload to iPXE",undionly.kpxe \  
--pxe-service=tag:ipxe,x86PC,"iPXE", \ 
--log-queries \

some info about my tftp setup

$ ls /var/lib/tftpboot/
boot  ipxe.efi  pxelinux.cfg  undionly.kpxe 
$ cat /var/www/html/ipxe/default.ipxe

So I'm at a loss why it reboots the way it does, I think it is an error that it is.

Any comments on how I can further diagnose this are appreciated.


For me it turned out my terraform.tfvars had the local host IP

$ cat terraform.tfvars
matchbox_http_endpoint = ""
matchbox_rpc_endpoint = ""
ssh_authorized_key = "<id_rsa.pub>"

instead of the actual servers IP

$ cat terraform.tfvars
matchbox_http_endpoint = ""
matchbox_rpc_endpoint = ""
ssh_authorized_key = "<id_rsa.pub>"

fixed that and it worked like a charm. The example I was following used the localhost IP which is confusing.

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