I'm trying to add a new crontab entry for a user on my server by using a script. Unfortunately the user has no permission to write into the etc/crontab file, which is not too bad, because i can manually add the entry by using crontab -e - which works like a charm.

But as you may know, that's not a thing you can do in a script - if so, please let me know, because that's what i am trying to figure out right now!

Otherwise i'd be interested in where i can see those entries i made - without using crontab -l, because there has to be a file if i am not incorrect?


User crontabs are stored in /var/spool/cron and you can write to the user file as long as you format it correctly - crontab is really just a wrapper around a text editor to ensure that the file parses correctly and is in the right place.

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