I have imported a VM (160gb CentOS7 guest, Hyper-V Host) the new google cloud vm has a GEC ip of x.x.x.203. I can connect to the source machine g.g.g.209via ssh port 22 and it responds to pings, (i.e. firewalls on the CentOS source are configured fine). However I can connect to the new instance in the google cloud only via web console (or port 80 i.e. http://x.x.x.203 resolves correctly). Other than that x.x.x.203 has No ping. No port 22 response at all. No gcloud compute response on my desktop machine. ssh or gcloud compute only work via the web panels, and then they DO work. So logins are working on x.x.x.203.

I have altered the firewalls on google cloud but they seem to be blocking this inbound requests (NB: ping and ssh 22 are both unresponsive from the wider net) do I need to set up some sort of routing? My other non imported servers all work via ssh fine under the same default rules here are my rules. Like I say they work for the other 3 servers not for the import.

allow-fivefiveeight                      default                       INGRESS    1000      tcp:558
ce-replicator-rule                       default                       INGRESS    1000      tcp:1500
cloudendure-network-1136892c-allow-http  cloudendure-network-1136892c  INGRESS    1000      tcp:80
default-allow-http                       default                       INGRESS    1000      tcp:80
default-allow-https                      default                       INGRESS    1000      tcp:443
default-allow-icmp                       default                       INGRESS    65534     icmp
default-allow-internal                   default                       INGRESS    65534     tcp:0-65535,udp:0-65535,icmp
default-allow-rdp                        default                       INGRESS    65534     tcp:3389
default-allow-ssh                        default                       INGRESS    65534     tcp:22
sg-for-instance-i-44444477777-1136892c   cloudendure-network-1136892c  INGRESS    1000      tcp:443,tcp:80,tcp:22,tcp:3389

I have googled this to death for 24 hours. Please help?

Why is "external" access to this server unavailable? While available on the source machine?


Iptables on CentOS could be enabled by default, which could block external traffic to the VM instance. You could verify by following the instruction on this GCP document, and as a workaround you could disable iptables.

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