I can't get rsync to work between 2 FreeBSD server. It always hangs during transfer or dry-run.


rsync version 3.1.2 protocol version 31

1 FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE-p24 server which mounts a windows server 2012 share like so:

//user@Server/Folder  /mnt/folder  smbfs rw,-N,-I[windowServerIp],-Wdomain,-Eutf8:cp850 0 0

1 FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE-p4 server with ZFS all around.

Observed facts:

  • If I use rsync to send files from the windows share to zfs over ssh, it works fine.
  • If I use rsync to copy the same problematic folder from zfs to zfs, it works fine.
  • No error is logged, even with the most verbose options (ssh and rsync).
  • It always hangs on different files, small or large. Sometimes it succeeds in transfering some files, but it always ends up stuck with a high cpu usage and nothing else happens (yes, I left it run for a very long time to see if it would complete).
  • When it hangs, only the receiving windows share server rsync process has a high cpu, the rsync process on the zfs server goes to 0%.
  • Transferring the folder over scp in the same directories, using the same user that runs rsync works fine
  • Dry runs of rsync end up stuck also, not only the real transferts

Here is the latest (of sooooo many) rsync commands I tried:

rsync -avvvz --delete --ignore-errors --rsh='ssh -v -p12345' [zfsServerIP]:/folder/ /mnt/folder/

Somebody has experienced/resolved something like this? If not, are there some alternatives to rsync on FreeBSD?

EDIT: I thought I fixed it with the param "--iconv=." but it doesn't work. It completes fine but it just skips the file giving the message "cannot convert filename".

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