When I launch an application in Citrix Receiver for Windows, a Desktop starts.


  • The Desktop is a Windows Server HSD, and is the only one available;
  • The Desktop is a different VM from the one running the apps launched;
  • Only happens in Receiver for Windows. If I start the app from the browser, it does not initiate the Desktop.

I've tried resetting the receiver and had no success. I've also followed CTX139058 without success.

The situation was also described in this Citrix forum post but the answers weren't inconclusive.


  • XenDesktop: 7.15
  • StoreFront: 3.12
  • Receiver for Windows: 4.7

This behavior has stopped after an image update (I'm using MCS). I did not change any registry, configuration file or GPO!

I can't explain why but I will leave the answer because it may help someone.

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