I am in the middle of migrating Exchange 2010 to 2016.I've installed two Edge transport 2016 server in coexistence with 2010 one.Running Test-EdgeSynchronization after running New-edgesubscription command in Mailbox 2016 encounters EdgeSync service cannot connect to this subscription because of error "The LDAP server is unavailable.".Also event id 1024 appears in the event viewers.


My problem solved by adding an A record of edge server name (edg) in the forest primary domain dns server which its suffix also is my SMTP domain and the certificate for smtp in edge server is issued to edg.domain.com .As the mailbox server is located in a child domain (mailbox.child.domain.com) rather than forest primary domain (domain.com) it could not resolve edge.domain.com. Actually we need A record of edg in both domain.com and child.domain.com

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