Is it possible to create custom authentication on Ejabberd with .NET Webservice? I want to override the default authentication happening on Ejabberd. The version I would be using on Ejabberd would be the latest available.

Any pointers / help regarding this is appreciable.



External authentication is fully possible. We used it for a while to authenticate our users against a Rails application, but then had a little to much instability and had to create our own module.

The great advantage with components is that you can write them in any language as long as they implement the API described here.

Your own module, on the other hand will have to be in Erlang... which is not as tough as it seems but still a pretty big investment if you have never worked with Erlang.


It looks to be possible.

Do you have any specific problems with the C# example on http://www.ejabberd.im/extauth?

All you have to do is make a Console Application that prints out 21 or 20 depending whether it was a success or failure.

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