I am running a webserver with Ubuntu 16 and php-fpm to process PHP requests. php-fpm has been installed via apt-get from the default Ubuntu repositories.

According to this reference I should be able to run php-fpm -t to test the configuration. However, this only tells me, the there is no php-fpm. I quite sure, it is (the webserver incl. PHP processing works well, and the service php7.0-fpm is up and running) ... but no executable with the name php-fpm.

How can I test a php-fpm configuration change with PHP 7 before reloading the configuration?


Alright, found the answer:

sudo php-fpm7.0 -t

This is somewhat confusing, as the service is named php7.0-fpm.


You can find php-fpm file in your system and execute the command at absolute path : find / -type f -iname "php-fpm"

  • Usually yes, but this does not find anything on my server, except a monit configuration file :( – BurninLeo Jan 22 '18 at 8:17

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