Hopefully asked in the right website, as a company of 25 employees, we are using Google Drive for most of our data with automatic syncing. In case of a malware, these files would be deleted / encrypted due to the automatic syncing.

What would be the best practice for backing up these files offline? Is there a service which offers weekly Google Drive folder backups?


3-2-1 rule all night long!



I would revise your backup plan making sure your data is protected enough and you'd be able to restore it according to your company's RPO/RTO.


Depending on how much data (that needs to be backed up) you have, you may want to consider the local backup repository on-site to improve your RTO.

If you feel confident going with Google drive, I suggest you look at something like this: https://www.backupify.com/google-drive-backup It will allow you to at least have a simple backup chain.

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