I am having an EBS volume of 50 GB and I want to decrease it to 20 GB. The OS is centos 7 and has XFS file system. I have followed this link but it is more specific to ext4 and Ubuntu, can someone tell me how to proceed for XFS file system type

  • I wonder if doing it in two steps would work: 1) reduce the file system size 2) Reduce the EBS volume size. You can create a copy of your current volume and try that out before you do it on a production volume. – Tim Jan 23 '18 at 8:09

You may be able to change the XFS file system size, but you cannot decrease the size of an EBS volume.

You will need to create a new EBS volume, attach it to your instance, create a file system on the new EBS volume and then copy (migrate) the files from the old EBS volume to the new EBS volume.

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  • I already did that and I used rsync to copy files from source to destination. But when I attach the volume as new volume and reboot it the instance is not starting – Venkata S S Krishna Manikeswar Jan 23 '18 at 10:14
  • There are many steps involved in creating a bootable file system. Rsync does not support this type of file system copy. You will need to use a tool that supports migrating operating systems. – John Hanley Feb 4 '18 at 14:33

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