End Goal I'd like to give my test web application a URL that can be accessed from the host machine. The application is successfully installed on windows server 2016 and the windows server is intalled on a vm powered by VMWare workstation.

My ask

  • I have yet to configure roles on my test windows server 2016 environment. Do I need to for my end goal?
  • If so which roles need to be configured?
  • If not what am I missing that's preventing my host system from accessing my application via the web?

Existing Setup - My test Server is on a bridged connection with a static ip address. - Also the host machine & any other machine on the network fails to successfully ping the server. - The server however can successfully ping the host and any other cpu on my network. - I can access my application successfully by navigating to localhost/ or even the ipaddress of my windows server (whichever i tell my application to point to). - But the issue is that I can't access that from the host machine.

Assistance is greatly appreciated! Feel free to ask for more info if necessary. Thanks!


Total firewall issue. Did some additional research, this time on the pinging issue saw people suggest that this is firewall related. Followed the steps here and turned off firewall in my server.

afterwards was able to ping successfully and access my web application from the host machine.

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