I'm using Google Cloud Platform for first time to get data from Google Analytics Reporting, where I authenticate via Service Account from my web-app. All I do is get data from Analytics and display it in charts, so I'm curious about which role should I define in the service account key.

I'm currently selecting Role > Project > Owner but I feel is so a high-level role for this use.

The project has 3 APIs enabled: Google Analytics Reporting API, Analytics API and Google Maps JavaScript API.


After reading the Google Cloud IAM Docs (Understanding Roles specifically) I think the best role for my needs is Viewer.

  • For that specific task of yours, assigning the "Viewer" role is the best option. On an additional note, there is a beta release on creating a "Custom Roles" (i.e you will be able to create and manage roles as per your requirement) as well. You can check this help center article for more details regarding this and can suggest your own feedback there. – Digil Jan 31 '18 at 1:55

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