I have set of series SFTP commands which needs to run inside expect.

But when i run the below script due to some reasons am not getting any output. Please correct me if am wrong any where inside the script.

expect << EOF
spawn sftp -oPort=23 -oBatchMode=no -b cmds.txt xxx@1x.2.2x.8x
sleep 3
expect "xxx@1x.2.2x.8x's password:"
send "hello123\r"

But when i run below command in CLI interface it works super good:

# spawn sftp -oPort=23 -oBatchMode=no -b cmds.txt xxx@1x.2.2x.8x

For Security Reasons, I cant use SCP, SSHPASS, KeyChain Etc.,


Once you have told expect to send the password, it has nothing to do so it stops and kills the sftp. Add a wait for end-of-file from the spawned command:

expect eof

You can get more debug from expect by starting it with expect -d.

  • Awesome, I have been breaking my head for last 4 days. – Teja R Feb 1 '18 at 10:40

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